Crafts & Games

Ornamental Christmas Branch

Tree branch
Spray can of white paint
Large pot filled with sand
Hangers or ribbon

Find a tree branch with well formed limbs.
Spray paint it white.
Place tree branch in a pot filled with sand.
Choose a theme for your tree branch.
Hang ornaments from the limbs.
Place the ornamental branch in the corner of the room.

Christmas Luminarias (Lanterns)

White or brown paper lunch bags
Votive candles
Hand shovel

Open a brown or white paper bag.
Fold down from the top approximately one and half inches.
Fold again from the lip at top.
Fill the bag to one third full of sand to keep a votive candle inside.
Place a votive candle at the bottom of each bag.
Set lanterns around sidewalks, patios or driveways.

Christmas Felt Banners

You will need:

Christmas cards
Green or red felt
Needle and colored thread
Masking tape or velcro

Select five to seven medium sized Christmas cards.
Cut a piece of felt to make a long banner.
Sew a small hem at the top to insert a thin dowel.
Tape or secure the Christmas cards to the banner with velcro.
Insert the dowel through the hem.
Hang the Christmas banner.

Christmas Placemat

You will need:

Old Christmas cards
Large lid (approximately 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches)
Shelf paper with peel off backing

Select about 14 to 16 Christmas cards to cut. Choose cards with Christmas scenes that are approximately 4 x 4 in dimension.
Place a large lid over a card. Trace out mangers, stars, angels, wise men or anything that depicts the Christmas story.
Repeat the process with several Christmas cards. You should end up with circular Christmas scenes.
Cut shelf paper to make a placemat that is approximately 12 x 18 inches. Take the backing off the shelf paper.
Carefully overlay lightly the Christmas circles you have cut in a big circle on the shelf paper backing. Start from the middle first and lay down about 4 circles. Proceed to the top of the shelf paper and begin overlaying each circle over the other.
After overlaying all the circles, press each Christmas circle into the sticky shelf paper. Smooth out each Christmas card. Use glue as needed on the placemat and overlaying cards.
Cut the shelf paper around each cut out Christmas card so that the shelf paper doesn’t show around the cut Christmas cards.

Color Three Wise Men

Each person gets a pre-made drawing to color with the outline of the Three Wise Men. Place colored pencils on the table. Whoever draws the best Wise Men in ten to fifteen minutes wins the game. Judge the best drawing. The winner gets a paper crown to wear.

Christmas Star

Give each person a piece of typing paper. Display a Christmas star. Have each person make a star without scissors or a pencil. Whoever makes the best Christmas star wins.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Have copies of the poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas, for everyone to follow. This is a speed game. Have one person begin the recitation and abruptly end before the second line. The lead person points to someone to continue the recitation. If the second person cannot pick up where the first person left off within three seconds, he is eliminated from the game. The next person picks up the recitation and stops in midway. He points to another to continue the recitation. Whoever cannot immediately continue with the poem’s recitation is eliminated from the game. Continue to play until one person is left to read Twas the Night Before Christmas from beginning to end.

Treasure Hunt

Hide walnuts throughout your living area. Hand each treasure hunter a Christmas stocking to carry. Whoever finds the most walnuts gets to keep all the walnuts used in the game. Place a time limit to collect walnuts.

Pantomime Carols

Choose familiar Christmas carols such as Away in the Manger, The Twelve Days of Christmas or Silent Night. Pantomime the verses with your hands, feet and head. Do not mouth the words. Have family members guess the name of each carol.